buggs (boofadil) wrote in elevatorjunkies,

Welcome to The Elevator. Please excuse the mess.

Everything happens in the elevator: passion, heartbreak, and humor. Central to that are two characters we love: Meredith and Derek. We love them together, and we love them as individuals. They've fueled a Grey's Anatomy fixation in each of us that manifests itself in different ways. Some of us have written fanfic or created icons or videos or other creative expressions. Some of us are just vocal about how much we dig these characters. No matter what our contributions to the fandom, we're all connected by our love of Meredith and Derek and the show that Shonda created. As such, we've occupied this space as a forum for all things Grey's with a definite Meredith and Derek tilt.

Stay tuned to get regular doses of episode discussion, commentary, fanfic, and other fan-related endeavors. Although posting is restricted, comments are welcome and encouraged. Welcome to The Elevator.
Tags: administration
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